cancer you can’t see

I have cancer that is not visible. It’s there and growing, and it seems to be no medical priority to anyone on my “care team”. At this point, almost 10 weeks since the tumors were discovered, it is old news deeply buried in the editor’s pile of things that aren’t really considered pressworthy; at leastContinue reading “cancer you can’t see”


It’s like getting ready to have a baby. Everything about the experience is unknown until it isn’t, so you spend your minutes, hours, and days just preparing for who even knows what…you just know there’s gonna be something new coming into your life, and you trust that you’ll figure it out. In the meantime though,Continue reading “nesting”

boobs on ice, or something like that

I’m a day or two shy, give or take, of finding out what all this weirdness is going to mean. It’s been a struggle to get my words on both paper and screen this time around…I think the thoughts hit too close to the heart so I’m almost afraid to think or feel them, letContinue reading “boobs on ice, or something like that”

a new day

So it seems I have cancer. Suspiciousness enough weirdness on the annual mammogram to warrant every diagnostic tool and test possible. Rapidly scheduled follow up diagnostics and technicians who leave the room mid-imaging for periods of time that seem like eternity. No small talk. No chit chat. Just the facts, ma’am, and quite frankly theContinue reading “a new day”