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He needed the $60 cash I had in my wallet, so he could get a hotel room for his wife and toddler-aged daughter. Her name is Faith, he said.  Wounded war vet with no help from the VA; struggling to survive day-by-day, he said.  His name was Johnny.  I don’t remember his wife’s name, but I found it uncanny that they had named their … Read More faith


from the ashes of her deconstructed being, she learns to take hesitant breaths. from the fears that left her knowing nothing of herself, she sees glimmers of enlightenment and love for her soul, and lightness in her dark. sate amid her famine tears with a purpose, she knows, but is still to weary to define. from the ashes of her deconstructed being, she learns … Read More phoenix

click and send

My biggest regret is that I did not apologize the moment I knew my words hurt you.  That I did not immediately recant…and tell you that none of what I retaliated with mattered, because I cared not about being right…I cared about you. But I let that be the end. Click and send. We had nowhere to go from there except better.  Back to … Read More click and send


Lonely tonight finds my arms figuratively reaching out to touch you, yet I know that is not fair.  It is only in my weakest moments that I reach for you, and only because the burden of holding myself up alone is temporarily too much to bear.  The breaking down of me is always temporary, though.  Thinking of you tonight is met with tears in … Read More weak

newport & nothing

Free-write to stimulate.  We are struggling – the both of us.  I laugh as we try, desperatlely, to recreate the temptress of words.  Fruitless we are in this dingy beach ‘paradise’ god forsaken excuse of a retreat for the writers within us.  Not without Big Sur.  Not without Jack and Henry.  Not upon this balcony that forces our attention to the dirty mayhem beneath … Read More newport & nothing