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Outside In

You, my child. You are before me with eyes wide open and I search myself for what it means to raise you. Love over contempt, action over apathy, acceptance over fear. We teach by example, you and I; learning through each day we are allowed another opportunity. I and you –  anger and retract, push and apologize, cry and try harder. I see me in you … Read More Outside In


I saw your beautiful being tonight through tears. Tears that I had two years ago. Tears that were easier to define tonight, though. They were tears of joy and amazement at you…a young woman now; no longer a child…and they streamed from my eyes the moment I set eyes on your eyes. You see, you were my child for the better part of a … Read More ilymm


i need you to know… my love is there. i push, because- i want you to grow, into your best you. my strength – your strength – same eyes, same legs, same heart – butt heads; push and pull, and i know… it’s hard to carry your load, and it’s hard to carry my load, and i need you to know… my love is … Read More headbutt


she, who packages her face and body and eye gaze neatly within the confines of self there, nothing and nobody can penetrate her in her ultimate safety wary, her downward gaze tells me, of getting attached again; unsure of the longevity of it all she doesn’t like loud voices or suitcases or tears Pain is constant, yet each episode temporary (I tell her) Soon … Read More she

girls on the #wdw circuit

three concerts three cities seven days twenty car rides four planes twelve tickets two lanyards four dog tags bracelets, all colors too many to name five boys loved by two of my girls three photos pro style and pro money six outfits well planned stolen laces one birthday of 13 colorful macaroons aplenty nerves, glowing cheeks, near fainting long lines and lite rain hugs, … Read More girls on the #wdw circuit