dear jack, et al

vanilla nut warmth and contemplation

tentacles searching to answer me

that which is my contemplation

lost in the words of great writers the

contemplative state of mind begs answers

that elude and allow me to think upon

the very act of thinking

i am my sea and ocean

my waves of knowing and

unknowing wash me in thought

and leave me there

to wonder upon my wonderings

and enjoy the existence

of being in thought

space of alone is beauty

given from within

a gift i offer and see, only when

i allow the aloneness

of my contemplation

to lose me in myself

and the words of

great writers

Published by Suzy Ham

I am a lover of thought and word; kindness and acceptance; laughter and humility. My journey desires grace and understanding with each inward and outward breath. Music rules my soul, love rules my heart, and writing rules my existence.

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